About Us

A cool nest of energy. A curious and dynamic habitat. We are a community doing well together.


Our parent company, Centurion Corporation Limited, is one of the largest owner-operators of workers accommodation in Singapore. With their expertise in accommodations, we ventured into student housing in the UK and that marked the start of Centurion Student Living with over 1,900 beds in MSV, MSV South and The Grafton in Manchester, and Cathedral Campus in Liverpool.

October 2015

Welcome students to our first Singapore property (332 beds).

July 2016

We grew rapidly with four more acquisitions in Bristol, Manchester and Newcastle. We now own and provide housing for over 2,400 students in eight properties across four cities in the UK.

November 2016

We are not just about bricks and mortar. Beyond the façade and amenities is a community for students to live, learn and experience. We aim to liven up our student dwellings with more of the little things that matter. Starting with our new name – dwell.

February 2017

Rebranded our student accommodations, and launched dwell Student Living.

March 2017

We acquired a site in Adelaide, and started the development of the 280-bed dwell East-End.

May 2017

Asset enhancement initiative also started for RMIT Village, which will add an additional 160 beds to our portfolio by the end of 2018.

December 2017

We entered the United States of America with the acquisition of six properties across five cities through a private real estate fund we set up,bringing our portfolio to 17 properties in 12 cities with 5,347 beds in total.

June 2018

We launched our dwell Australia’s website, and started accepting bookings for our newly built dwell East End Adelaide which will be welcoming our first batch of residents in 2019

November 2018

We acquired Benikia Hotel in Dongdeamun to be renovated and opened in February 2019 as dwell Dongdaemun.

January 2019

Brand new 280-bed dwell East End Adelaide, Australia commenced operations and welcomed its first batch of student-resident.

February 2019

Commencement of operation of the 208-bed dwell Dongdaemun, South Korea.

December 2019

We acquired an additional property in Nottingham, UK (177 beds), bringing our total portfolio to 6,433 beds.

April 2020

We took over the management of our first purpose-built student accommodation asset, RMIT Village, and rename it dwell Village Melbourne City, adding to our global collection of 21 student accommodation assets, totalling 6,433 beds.

Our promise dwell, little things done well

dwell completes and recharges every experience with the right, no frills essentials. No burden of luxuries, but easy life hacks.

Our accommodation transcends you into an environment of security and home comforts that you desire, not forced, and just the way you want it. And this is what makes dwell – somewhere you jump start your student life, experience it to the fullest, connecting with a community of like-minded to live, learn and share stories.

At dwell, we’ve got you covered. Just little things, done well.


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