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Quality & Cost of Living

  •  Singapore is one of the best countries to live, with high standards of living and quality of life.

Quality of Life

  •  According to the Mercer 2014 Quality of Living Survey, Singapore topped the list for quality of life in Asia.
  •  A survey by human resources consultancy ECA International in 2012 comparing 265 international locations found that Asian expatriates ranked Singapore as their preferred city to live in.
  •  What makes living in Singapore such a vibrant experience? It has to be its quality of life, easy regional access, low crime rates, political stability, high standards of infrastructure and healthcare, as well as a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Living Costs in Singapore

  •  The cost of living in Singapore is generally low for a developed country.
  •  Accommodation and cars make up the bulk of household expenses, understandably so due to our limited land space.
  •  Most residents find that they can live comfortably in Singapore and enjoy the good things in life.
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