Mother’ Day in 2020 will be different from other years. For those studying abroad, you won’t be able to arrange a nice brunch or spa treatment for your mum, and might not even be able to deliver gifts over. It is especially important during this Covid-19 pandemic period that you show appreciation to your mum and how much you love her!

If you are still cracking your brains on what to do for Mother’s Day, we have some ideas here!

  1. Send a Gift and watch her open

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

You can still send a gift by shopping at your home local online stores, or online stores with worldwide presence. Have your gift wrapped, so you can video call your mum on Mother’s Day and watch her reaction when unwrapping it!

Some online gift stores with same day worldwide delivery options:

  1. Mother’s Day Tele-Brunch

Photo by Efe Kurnaz from Unsplash

Nothing will make your mum happier than having a meal and heart-to-heart talk with you. Get your mom’s favourite food delivered so she can enjoy a cook-free day, try to get the same food from your end to feel like you’re having the same meal, then have brunch together over Zoom or Skype!

  1. Make a Card

Now that you have spare time during the circuit breaker, perhaps you can make a card like how you used to when you were younger! Fortunately, we can still post mails overseas, depending on the city.

Note that it will take about 4 to 12 working days to deliver an ordinary mail by air to major cities, vary depending on city and mail type. For more info, visit SingPost website

Another option is SpeedPost which usually takes 1-3 working days, but there are changes due to Covid-19 where many countries have suspended or added new delivery measures for international mail services. Please check website for latest updates:

Photo from Canva

Alternatively, create your own digital card! Don’t worry about the design skills, as there are many free resources online! You can try setting up a new account on Canva to get many nice templates ready for use.

If you wish to explore something more artsy, try digital illustration portraits! Decide on the best memory with your mum, send the photo to any illustrators to draw and insert your message. You can always print a physical copy and frame it up later for her when Covid-19 situation gets better!

Some illustration artists to consider:


  1. Create a Video collage

Photo from Kapwing

Why not make a video collage? There are many free video editing platforms you can find online, such as Kapwing. Simply upload all the funny photo memories, add your mum’s favourite music and make a video journey that she can keep re-watching for a lifetime!


We hope this helps you in planning a very special Mother’s Day for your mum this year!

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